ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.6.3 Grading Scale for Total Grade


Grading Scale for Total Grade

Figure 6.62: Grading Scale for Total Grade
This feature allows the instructor to assign a grading scale for the total course grade (Fig. 6.62). By default, no grading scale is used, and the students see only a percentage score. The default grading scale is a conventional scale (A, B, C, etc.), using standard percentage breakpoints. The sliders on the scale can be moved and renamed, and you can add or remove sliders to set practically any scale desired. The labels on the sliders, which are used as grade notations, are limited to a few letters or numbers; to set the label, click on the existing label, type in the new label, then press your Enter key.
Use the options above the grading scale to set whether the scale will be used or not, and who will see it. Even if the scale is not used, the graph will be populated as a histogram, giving a useful illustration of the distribution of students' overall scores.