ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.8.1 Institution Account Summary


Selecting Institution Administration and clicking Account Summary displays the following options:

Account Information
Administrators can modify the state and time zone settings for the institution under the Account Information section. Usually, these are set correctly when the institution account is first created and do not need to be changed. The institution and billing address can also be modified in this section.

Important Contacts
Administrators can add important contacts such as the school's Billing Contact, Technical Contact, Implementation Specialist, and Course Product/Feature Upgrade Contact under this section.

The Institution Network Information section allows you to enter an IP range or Internet Protocol for the computers in your institution. They willl be used if you wish to restrict student access to assessments, Homeworks, Quizzes or Tests to the campus network (Sec. 6.5.3). Single IP School Assignment will require students to complete all assessments from the same IP address where they began them. This reduces the flexibility of access that students usually have to their ALEKS accounts, but in some cases it may be desired.

Incoming & Exiting
The Incoming and Exiting Student Options allow you to select whether incoming students from a course within the same course family or same course product should pick up where they left off or start fresh with a new Initial Assessment. See Sec. 6.4.27 for more information about this option.

Administrators and Instructors
Administrators can view a list of administrators and instructors under this section. All accounts are regular instructor account types unless they include one of these labels: (A) for Administrator or (TA) for Teaching Assistant. There is a link to the Admin/Instructor Roster under this section.