ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.2.9 Student Roster (Instructor Level)


Student Roster (Instructor Level)

Figure 6.10: Student Roster (Instructor Level)
From the Instructor Administration, instructors can access the ALEKS Student Roster for all students that are registered in courses under their account (Fig. 6.10).
Instructors can use the following filters to display various groups of students:

All students currently in the class are tagged as active and displayed by default.

Students are tagged with this status when they were in this class and have moved out of the class into another class, but their records still appear in this class.

These students are hidden from reports and drop-down menus.

Old Classes (available only at Instructor level)
Students who were in a class that is inactive or archived.
The default roster settings will display information for Active students. Instructors can use the Course Roster to view students information in a selected course (Sec. 6.4.32). ALEKS administrators have access to the institution Student Roster to view all students registered at the school (Sec. 6.8.8).