ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.8.3 Learning Management System (LMS) Integration


Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

Figure 6.70: Learning Management System (LMS) Integration
You can set up Single Sign On (SSO) by integrating ALEKS with your school Learning Management System (LMS). This will allow instructors and students to link from your LMS to ALEKS without having to remember separate login names and passwords. It will also remove the need to share Course Codes by letting the LMS feed course information directly to ALEKS. LMS integration is available for all regular ALEKS Higher Ed courses.
ALEKS is a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 1.1 compliant Tool Provider. Your school can integrate ALEKS with any LTI compliant LMS. It is a two-part process, which involves (1) logging into ALEKS to obtain the LTI parameters (2) logging into the school's LMS to input the parameters.

Part 1: Obtain Parameters

After logging into ALEKS, under the Institution Administration, select Integration. You will arrive at the Learning Management System (LMS) page (Fig. 6.70). To obtain the parameters for the college, use the drop-down menu to select the LMS that the college is using or the mode of integration. If your LMS is not listed, you can integrate ALEKS with any LTI compliant LMS by selecting "Basic LTI/LTI 1.1" from the list as your mode of integration.

After making a selection in the drop-down menu, the parameters for the selected LMS or mode of integration will appear on the screen. Enabling LMS Gradebook Integration will allow instructors to synchronize the overall score for each student in their ALEKS gradebook with their LMS gradebook. Review the parameters carefully and then click on the Save button. This will complete the first part of the integration.

Part 2: Configure a School's LMS with ALEKS

Administrators now log into their college's LMS to configure the integration with ALEKS using the parameters obtained from the ALEKS "LMS Integration" page. Some of the LMS selections will show one or more "?" icons on the page. Clicking on a "?" will open a pop-up with additional instructions.

Once the setup between the LMS and ALEKS is complete, instructors and students can pair their LMS accounts and courses with their ALEKS courses. For detailed instructions on institution, instructor, course, and student pairing, visit the ALEKS Training Center.