ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.1.2 Main Navigation


Main Navigation

Figure 6.3: Main Navigation
Instructors have access to a two-level hierarchy: class and student (Fig. 6.3). The navigation structure is tab-driven for easy navigation and starts with the CLASS tab on the left. This tab contains all courses taught by the instructor.
Instructors begin by opening the drop-down menu and selecting a course, or by typing into the open box to bring up matches from the menu.
Once a course is selected, the CLASS tab becomes the active tab (current level in the hierarchy), and instructors have access to course-related menus and the course dashboard.
Instructors can remain at the course level or make a selection in the STUDENT tab to move down to that level. The STUDENT tab contains all the students enrolled in the selected course. As with the CLASS tab, selections can be made by clicking on a student's name or by typing in the search field to bring up a match. After selecting a student, instructors will have access to student-related menus and that specific student's dashboard.