ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

1.2 The ALEKS Instructor's Manual


The purpose of the ALEKS Instructor's Manual is to provide instructors with complete information on the operation of the system. Even though ALEKS is not complex, our goal is to offer instructors a clear idea of everything ALEKS does, how it works, and where to find answers to questions.
ALEKS is user-friendly, and may be used without help from the Instructor's Manual. Feel free to use the system now. If questions arise, or if you want to learn more about ALEKS, this Instructor's Manual is intended as a convenient and comprehensive reference.
NOTE. For a brief, comprehensive overview of ALEKS, turn directly to the "Frequently Asked Questions" in Chapter 9.
  • The first chapters are those most likely to be used by instructors new to ALEKS. Chapter 2, "Quick Start," contains a concise checklist for those new to ALEKS. Chapter 3, "Setup Guide for Instructors," provides all of the information necessary for preparing to use ALEKS with one or more courses. This ranges from technical and installation requirements through the students' first ALEKS session (which typically involves registration, tutorial, the Initial Assessment (or Knowledge Check), and entry into the Learning Mode).
  • Chapters 4 through 6 contain descriptions of the principal parts of the ALEKS system: Assessment Mode, Learning Mode, and the Instructor Module.
  • The Instructor Module is discussed in Chapter 6.
  • Chapter 7 is a brief guide to teaching with ALEKS, describing a range of scenarios and the ALEKS features that support them.
  • Chapters 8 through 10 provide additional information that may be necessary or of interest to instructors using ALEKS. Chapter 8, "Knowledge Spaces and the Theory Behind ALEKS," explains the history of Knowledge Space theory and its fundamental concepts, along with the evolution of ALEKS itself. Also included is a bibliography for those seeking to understand the theory behind ALEKS in greater depth. Chapter 9 provides answers to frequently asked questions about ALEKS. Chapter 10 gives the information necessary for obtaining technical and other support.
  • The ALEKS User's Guide is available to all students from the ALEKS website. The User's Guide is reproduced here in Appendix A. Unlike the other chapters of the ALEKS Instructor's Manual, Appendix A is addressed to student users of the system. It covers technical requirements, installation, registration, the Tutorial, and ordinary use of the system, as well as guidelines for effective use and troubleshooting tips. Appendix A can be used by instructors to obtain a brief but complete picture of how the system is used. Appendix B contains content summaries for ALEKS course products.