ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.9 Master Templates


Master Template Sub-Navigation

Figure 6.73: Master Template Sub-Navigation
The Master Templates are one of the most powerful features in ALEKS. They provide an efficient way to create and control course instances based on a master course (Fig. 6.73). Instructors who have administrator privileges can create a Master Template, add assignments, and create any number of linked courses based on the Master Template. Instructors teaching the linked courses can edit their individual course settings and assignments and add their own assignments (unless "Lockout" is used; see Sec. 6.9.5). Changes made subsequently to the Master Template will propagate to the linked courses, overriding previous settings as well as any changes made by individual instructors.


6.9.1 Master Templates List
6.9.2 Getting Started
6.9.3 Master Template Basic Settings
6.9.4 Master Template (Course Summary)
6.9.5 Lockout Options
6.9.6 Create Assignments in Master Template
6.9.7 Create Linked Courses
6.9.8 Courses to be Assigned
6.9.9 Create a Master Template from an Existing Course
6.9.10 Duplicate a Master Template
6.9.11 Archive Master Templates
6.9.12 Delete Master Template
6.9.13 Master Template Reports
6.9.14 Effects of Editing a Master Template