ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

5.2.13 Inbox


Small illustration of this paragraph in left-hand margin. The Inbox allows the student to send messages to the instructor requesting assistance with a topic in ALEKS, help with a specific problem, or for other purposes. The student can compose a message by clicking on Compose. It is possible to include mathematical notation and illustrations in the message as follows:
  1. Click the "math" symbol at the right end of the tool bar. This will switch the user into the "Enhanced message editor," with its robust set of math tools.
  2. Click the Graphs tab for graphing tools, or on Algebra, Trig, Matrix, or Stat for symbolism specific to these areas.
While working in the Learning Mode, the student can send a specific problem type they are working on to their instructor. This message will contain a link to a screenshot of the practice problem. With the practice problem on the screen, the specific problem may be attached to the email as follows:
  1. Click on the Inbox link. This will take you into the ALEKS Message Center.
  2. Click on the Compose button.
  3. Below the body message section, check the box next to "Attach Page."
  4. Click on the Send button to send the message.
It is possible to include attachments up to 2MB in size (Sec. 6.2.2). It is also possible to send messages directly to ALEKS Corporation. Click on Done to return to the Learning Mode.