ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

7.8 Monitoring the Progress of a Course


The instructor can also use the bar graphs on the "Learning progress since latest assessment" page to see how close each student is to mastery of the subject matter. Keep in mind that the bar graphs displayed on this page show only the students' achievement as of their last assessment (in blue) and any progress made in the Learning Mode since that assessment (in green). For a more panoramic view of the progress made by a group, select the "Total progress" report. This displays the difference between the students' knowledge on their first and their most recent assessments.
The "Detailed progress history" report is an expanded version of "Learning progress since latest assessment." It shows the learning history for all students, with one bar graph for each assessment taken. The bar graphs are stacked, with the earliest on the bottom, and the most recent at the top. To the left of each bar there is the date of the assessment and a notation indicating the reason for the assessment.
To see each of the assessments for a given student, with that student's progress subsequent to each assessment in the Learning Mode, the instructor should view the page "Progress report for a particular student in this course" for the student.