ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

7.9 Monitoring Individual Progress


On the page "Progress report for a particular student in this course" there is a line for each assessment taken by a particular student, with bar graphs showing mastery as of that assessment and subsequent progress made in the Learning Mode. The Initial Assessment is shown in the bottom line, with later assessments "stacked" upward. By following progression from earlier to later assessments, the instructor can see very clearly how a student is progressing toward mastery of the subject matter.
Use caution in interpreting this information. Students vary widely in how they master material. Progress made in the Learning Mode (green bar) is not always immediately reflected in the student's level of mastery on a subsequent assessment. Some students progress more quickly in Assessment Mode than in the Learning Mode. In such cases the "new" blue line is further ahead than the green line just below it. On the other hand, many students make faster progress in the Learning Mode than in assessment. In such cases the "new" blue line lags behind the green line below it. It is very common for a student to master the entire subject matter two or more times in the Learning Mode before that mastery is finally confirmed in an assessment. Part of the power of the ALEKS system is that it accommodates individual differences in behavior.
NOTE. In cases where a student moves backward in his or her mastery, the instructor should contact the student. If the student did not take the assessment seriously enough, a new one can be requested.