ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.6.4 Chapter or Objective Completion and the Gradebook


Scores for the Objective category will be calculated in one of the following two ways, based on the course setup:

Chapter or Objective completion with End Dates
Each chapter or objective has a due date by which students are expected to complete the material in that unit. If a student completes the chapter or unit before the due date, a grade of 100% is entered into the student's cell for that assignment. The score will appear in grey, and it will not be used to compute the Total Grade until the due date has passed. It is not, however, subject to change; even if the student loses material in a subsequent assessment, the 100% score will remain. If the student does not complete the unit by the due date, the percentage of goal topics that the student did complete will appear in the cell as the student's score. If multiple objectives have the same end date, they will be treated as a single objective, and there will only be one column for these objectives in the gradebook.

Chapter or Objective completion without End Dates
All chapters or objectives have a single end date by which students are expected to master all objectives. This feature includes a mastery level completion percentage for the objectives. The mastery level completion defaults to 90% but can be adjusted. Students must master this percentage of the topics in an objective before they can advance to the next objective. The student's score is entered into the student's cell for that assignment and will appear in grey until after the end date has passed. When students meet the mastery level they will be moved to the next objective and will be able to access the remaining unmastered topics from all previous objectives. The Total Grade column will not include the chapter or objective assignment score until after the end date for the class has passed (Sec. 6.4.6).
Students using ALEKS have access to Gradebook information for their own work, similar to the information described in this chapter.