ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

2.1 Obtaining a Course Code


In order to use ALEKS with your course, you will need to have at least one Course Code. This code should be given to students to use in registration, together with their Student Access Code (below). When they register, they will receive a Login Name and Password. Students should not use the Student Access Code and Course Code to register a second time, as they will not be able to create a new account this way.
You can have as many courses and sections as you need or want in ALEKS. For each course or section, there is one unique Course Code. Students who register using this code will be enrolled in the corresponding course. Students who accidentally enroll in the wrong course can easily be moved to the right one at any time. (Please note that moving a student from one course to another in ALEKS may trigger a new assessment or knowledge check.) To obtain the Course Code for any course, log on to your instructor account, on the Instructor Administration menu, select Class List (Sec. 6.4.30). The Course Code will appear in the right-hand part of the screen.
You will normally be provided with an instructor Login Name and Password by ALEKS Corporation; otherwise, a colleague at your college with administrator privileges in ALEKS can also create an instructor account for you. Once you are logged on to ALEKS as an instructor, you can create one or more courses through selecting New Class.