ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

3.4 Student Orientation


It is strongly recommended that the first ALEKS session be conducted under supervision, perhaps with another instructor on hand, to help your students get started. It is not generally necessary to schedule a separate orientation meeting before the students begin using the system. Students can access the ALEKS User's Guide from the ALEKS website. Encourage students to familiarize themselves with this brief guide. You should remind your students to bring their Student Access Code to the first session of class. It is also advisable for students to have pencil and paper for assessments (knowledge checks) in ALEKS. A calculator is included in ALEKS when needed. Remind your students that help is not permitted during the assessment, because this will impair the accuracy of the results, and consequently hinder that student's progress in the Learning Mode.
If possible, the students' first session with ALEKS should allow them to complete their knowledge checks (assessments) and begin work in the Learning Mode. If the students are unable to finish their assessments during this time, ALEKS will automatically keep their place. The next time the students log on to ALEKS they may continue without any loss of work.