ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.4.10 Post Objective Progress Assessment


When students complete an objective assignment before the scheduled end date or reach the assigned mastery level (for objectives without end dates), they can either be assessed automatically on their mastery of this material or be moved to the next objective without an assessment.
Students who do not complete the objective material before the due date, or who do not meet the mastery level, will not have an assessment triggered by this option.
As with all assessments, once the student has started the assessment, they must complete it, even if the due date for the objective has passed.
  • The assessment score will not affect the student's score for the objective completion in the Gradebook.
  • This assessment will reset the assessment clock so that the student will not have two assessments in quick succession.
  • To avoid the over-assessment of students, ALEKS will prevent all automatic assessments for students with 10 or fewer items remaining in an objective, or in the 48 hours preceding the end date of the objective.
  • If there is no end date for the objective, automatic assessments will be prevented for students with 10 or fewer items remaining to complete the current objective, regardless of the mastery levels set.