ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.4.13 Core Readiness Topics in the Content Editor


For some textbooks integrated with ALEKS, there is an initial chapter, preceding Chapter 1, that may be called a "Readiness Chapter." (The exact name of the Readiness Chapter can vary from one book to another.) This chapter contains material that is not strictly part of the course coverage, but is important as foundational material.
If you would like the Readiness/Review chapter to be a distinct unit in the student's work, it should be assigned a completion date, like other chapters. If no separate completion date is assigned to this chapter, its core material will still be included, but as part of the first chapter.
For courses not using textbook integration, these topics will be listed in the Content Editor under the section "Core Readiness Topics"; you may remove as many of these topics as you wish. The other (non-core) topics coming from the Readiness Chapter are also shown in the Content Editor under the section "Other Topics," but these topics will not be included in the course.
NOTE. If custom objectives are used, ALEKS will automatically include core material if at least 50% of the topics from the first regular chapter (or from the second pie slice) are included in the course coverage.