ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

2.2 Registering Students


Students should use the following steps to register.
  1. Go to the ALEKS website.

  2. Click on the SIGN UP NOW! link to the left of the page, under the space for Registered Users. (This is the only time they will click on that button.)
  3. On the page that follows, enter the Course Code in the spaces provided for "Using ALEKS with a Course?" (to the left of the window). Do not use the button on the right-hand side.
  4. Confirm enrollment information.
  5. Indicate whether you are a new or an existing ALEKS user.
  6. Enter the Student Access Code.
  7. Enter other information as prompted and choose a password.
  8. Record the Login Name provided by the system.
  9. Begin using ALEKS by taking the student tutorial and an Initial Assessment (Knowledge Check).
Students will subsequently use their Login Name and Password to enter their accounts.