ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

3.5 Registration


Students register with ALEKS by going to the ALEKS website and clicking on SIGN UP NOW! This will be expedited if the browsers used by the students have Bookmarks or Favorites pointing to the website.
NOTE. In order to register, all students must have both their Student Access Code and the Course Code for the course that you are teaching. The Course Code will either be sent to you by ALEKS Corporation (in your ALEKS Inbox), or be obtained when you create the course (Sec. 6.4.1). You are responsible for giving this code to the students at the time of the first session (Sec. 2.1).
The student registration process is described in detail in the User's Guide (Appendix A). There are complete online instructions for every step of this simple procedure. Among other information, students can supply their Student ID number (if you wish to have this in the system). Special care should be taken in entering the latter, as the system cannot detect mistyping. The Student ID is optional information.
Near the conclusion of Registration students receive a Login Name and choose a Password. These should be noted carefully, as they will be essential for all further work with ALEKS. Students should choose a password they will remember easily but that will be hard for others to guess. Login Name and Password can be typed with upper or lower-case letters. Neither may contain spaces or punctuation. The Password must contain at least 6 characters.