ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.3 Reports



Figure 6.11: Reporting
The Report menu displays the ALEKS reports that are available for the current course. Each report is represented by an icon (Fig. 6.11). Instructors can access the Reports by selecting a course and clicking on the desired report in the Reports menu.


6.3.1 Available Reports
6.3.2 Download Report Data
6.3.3 Send Message to Selected Students
6.3.4 Viewing Student History Across Multiple ALEKS courses
6.3.5 Interpreting Bar Graphs
6.3.6 ALEKS Pie
6.3.7 Display Options for ALEKS Pie Report
6.3.8 ALEKS Pie Report for a Single Student
6.3.9 Objective Report
6.3.10 Progress Reports
6.3.11 Learning Progress Since Latest Knowledge Check
6.3.12 Most Recent Knowledge Check
6.3.13 Best Performance in Learning Mode Over Time
6.3.14 Progress in Knowledge Check Over Time
6.3.15 Detailed Progress History
6.3.16 Progress Report for a Single Student
6.3.17 Time and Topic Report
6.3.18 Course Time and Topic Report
6.3.19 Individual Time and Topic Report
6.3.20 Knowledge Per Slice
6.3.21 Assignment Reports
6.3.22 Scheduled Knowledge Check Report
6.3.23 Homework, Quiz, and Test Results
6.3.24 Custom Reports