ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

4.3.4 Requested Assessments for a Single Student


As an instructor, you can also request an assessment for a single student. To do this, select the student, and then on the Assignments menu, select Request Assessment. When a Requested Assessment is triggered, the assessment will take place immediately the next time the student logs in (compared to the Scheduled Assessment, where the student is only prompted to take the assessment after the date or time specified by the instructor). Like the Scheduled Assessment, a Requested Assessment for a single student "resets the clock" for automatic assessments. The results of this assessment will not be included in the Gradebook.
The style of a Requested Assessment can also be set to Progress or Comprehensive. Progress Assessments are slightly shorter and focus on the student's most recent learning history; Comprehensive Assessments are slightly longer and probe more deeply into the student's overall knowledge of the course content.
For additional information about Requested Assessments, see Sec. 6.7.9.