ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.4.3 Save for Later or Cancel



Figure 6.35: Resume/Discard
Save for Later and Cancel links have been added to the class creation wizard in order to improve the workflow for instructors. These links provide a way to save the data on each page throughout the wizard, so that class customization may be stopped midway and resumed at a later time. These links appear at the bottom of the wizard pages that follow the initial Class Information page.
Note that using the Save for Later or Save and Exit options saves the data, but that changes are not applied until class customization is complete. Instructors will see a confirmation message on the Class Summary page that allows them to Resume or Discard these changes (Fig. 6.35).
Selecting Discard will discard all changes made, and Resume will take instructors back to the last page they were working on during class customization.
When instructors log out of ALEKS and log back in, they can easily resume or discard their class customization through the dashboard message or through the Class Summary message.
In the event that another user concurrently makes changes to a class with customizations that are "Saved for Later," messages will be shown indicating who was editing the content, and will provide an opportunity for these changes to be resumed or discarded. If changes have been made and saved by another user, the messages will indicate this also.
NOTE. The Save for Later link is not available in Master Template linked classes.