ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.8.6 Subscription Management System


This page does not show the use of access codes at the college. Many institutions use only access codes; in such cases, no information will appear on this page.
For some purposes, it may be preferable to use "subscriptions" (or virtual account inventory) rather than access codes for creating student accounts in ALEKS. If the college has used subscriptions for any of its students' access to ALEKS, a summary of subscription activity will appear on this page.
Administrators can monitor the number of available subscriptions for student registration. When subscriptions are purchased at the district level, the Administrator can move subscriptions between institutions, put subscriptions on hold, or move subscriptions from one institution to another for their districts and schools through the Subscription Management System (SMS). District administrators will see subscriptions for the district and for schools within the district.
Using the SMS system, school administrators can put subscriptions on hold at their school. School administrators will see only the subscriptions for their school. To access the SMS, the school administrator clicks Subscriptions, and then clicks on Subscription Management.
There are three tabs in the SMS:

Subscription Management
The subscription information will be displayed for the district or school. This includes the subscriptions type or length and whether the subscriptions are "Usable Now" or "On hold."

The Orders tab displays a detailed history of the ALEKS subscriptions purchased at the school or district. The information includes the purchase date, invoice number, subscription type, quota purchased, number used, and number remaining. At the bottom of the screen is a link that administrators can use to send an Excel document to their ALEKS Message Center inbox containing a list of subscriptions used within a specified date range. There is also an option to exclude expired subscriptions from the report.

Activity Log
The Activity Log tab displays the history of subscription movements and holds performed via the Subscription Management tab. Each entry contains detailed information about the action.