ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

A.4 Guidelines for Effective Use


Please take note of the following important suggestions for successful use of ALEKS.

Supplementary Materials
You should have pencil and paper ready for all assessments and for use in the Learning Mode. Basic calculators should be used only when you are instructed to do so. (A basic calculator with some statistical functions is part of ALEKS.)

You should not ask for any help during assessments. Even explanations or rephrasing of problems are not permitted. If you receive help, ALEKS will get a wrong idea of what you are most ready to learn, and this will hold up your progress. If you are sure you don't know the answer, click I don't know.

Learning Mode
You should learn to use the special features of the Learning Mode, especially the explanations and the Dictionary.

Whenever ALEKS suggests topics for you to review, you should review them. Spending a few minutes daily on such review will help you retain what you have learned and do well on reassessments.

Regular Use
Nothing is more important to your progress than regular use of ALEKS. Three hours per week is a recommended minimum; five or more are normal in many cases.