ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

A.3.4 Progress in the Learning Mode


In the Learning Mode, you are given problems based on the chosen topic. Additionally, you have access to explanations of how to solve the particular kind of problem and to a dictionary of concepts. Underlined terms are links to the Dictionary. Click on any term to get a complete definition. ALEKS will require a number of correct answers before it assumes that you have mastered the concept. When the topic is mastered, ALEKS will add the topic to your pie. At that point, a revised pie chart will be shown reflecting your new knowledge. You will be able to choose a new concept to begin. If you make mistakes, more correct answers may be required. If you tire of the topic and wish to choose another, you can click on MyPie near the top of the window. If you make repeated errors on a concept, the system will conclude that the concept was not mastered, and will offer you a new choice of other concepts.