ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

5.6 Worksheet



Figure 5.8: Worksheet
Clicking the Worksheet button generates an individualized, printable homework sheet (in PDF format) containing a number of questions based on the student's most recent work in ALEKS (Fig. 5.8). When the student does this, a sheet containing answers for this individual worksheet (labeled with the student's name and the date) is sent to the instructor via the ALEKS message system (Sec. 6.2.2). The instructor may permit students access to their worksheet answers.
A record will be kept on the Worksheet page of all worksheets produced by the student. The student can click on the link for any past worksheet in order to obtain that worksheet again. If the instructor has permitted access to worksheet answers, there will also be links on this page to answer keys for each of the worksheets.
NOTE. In order to view or print documents in PDF format, such as the ALEKS worksheet, Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer. Most computers have this software. If for any reason your computer does not, there is a link on the ALEKS Worksheet page to download it. Also, because the worksheet is opened in a new browser window, it may be necessary to disable your pop-up blocker temporarily in order to view or print the ALEKS worksheet.