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4.6 Manipulators for Mathematical Expressions


The Answer Editor for mathematical expressions consists of two parts: a rectangular field where mathematical expressions are entered (the entry field) is to the left, and a keypad made of buttons with mathematical symbols is to the right (Fig. 4.1). Mathematical expressions are entered and edited using the buttons of the Answer Editor keypad, as well as the basic keyboard, the Left and Right arrow keys, the Tab, Enter, and Backspace keys, and the mouse.
NOTE. Buttons are displayed to correspond with the kind of problem being solved. The selection is made in such a way as to avoid giving a hint to the correct answer. Keyboard shortcuts (Fig. 4.2) work only when the corresponding button is displayed.
Expression Answer Editor keypad button Keyboard equivalent
Square Root (none)
Fraction [][]
Mixed Number [] [][] (none)
Repeating Decimal (none)
Absolute Value [] | [] | (none)
List of Expressions [], [], … ,
Exponent [][] ^ (before exponent)
Multiplication Expression [] × [] ×
Percentage % %
Greater-Than [] > [] >
Less-Than [] < [] <
Greater-Than-or-Equal-To [] ≥ [] (none)
Less-Than-or-Equal-To [] ≤ [] (none)
Equal-To [] = [] =
Not-Equal-To (none)
AND AND (none)
OR OR (none)
Figure 4.2: Mathematical Expressions Produced by the Answer Editor
Key Effect
Right arrow - Tab - Enter - Spacebar moves the cursor one place to the right (ahead)
Left arrow moves the cursor one place to the left (back)
Backspace deletes input immediately preceding (to the left of) the cursor and moves the cursor one place to the left (back) OR deletes selected input
Figure 4.3: Using Special Keys in the Answer Editor


4.6.1 Basic Input
4.6.2 Basic Editing Tools
4.6.3 Selecting Input
4.6.4 Clear and Undo