ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.8 Administrator Features


Three levels of hierarchy

Figure 6.69: Three levels of hierarchy
ALEKS administrators have access to three account levels: instructor, course, and student (Fig. 6.69). This section will focus on the Instructor level. The course and student levels are described earlier in detail (Sec. 6.1.2). Administrators begin with the INSTRUCTOR tab on the far left and then can make selections in the succeeding tabs until the desired level is reached. To move between levels, they need to click on the tab they want to make active again. Features from this menu allow administrators to perform actions such as updating their institution's settings, creating new instructor accounts, and managing all courses and instructors at the institution, creating Master Templates, managing subscriptions, and other features.


6.8.1 Institution Account Summary
6.8.2 Schedule Domain Upgrade
6.8.3 Learning Management System (LMS) Integration
6.8.4 Instructor Roster
6.8.5 Create New Instructor Account
6.8.6 Subscription Management System
6.8.7 Administrative Reports
6.8.8 Student Roster (Institution Level)