ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.4.2 Course Creation Wizard


Course Information

Figure 6.34: Course Information
Clicking on Create a New Course will display the course creation wizard (Fig. 6.34).

Course Information

Administrators can assign the course to another instructor when setting up the course. In the Course Information section the only optional field is the section name. The course product should not be changed after the course has begun unless absolutely necessary, as doing so will be disruptive to the students' learning and to the course reports and records. Other values on this page can usually be changed without disruption.

The course dates are used to configure the Calendar, and should include the entire period of time that the students will be using ALEKS (Sec. 6.4.35). By default, the course will be automatically archived after the course end date unless this option is deselected (Sec. 6.4.37).

Course Specific Settings

These are any specific settings that apply to this course, such as providing ALEKS graphing calculator functionality.

Accessibility mode for visually impaired students can be set at the course level or student level. Turning on this setting will allow a visually impaired student to use JAWS screen reader technology with ALEKS.

Continue to Course Summary or Customize This Course
The course will be created when you click on the Create Course Now button. The instructor can choose to see the Course Summary or Customize This Course.
To edit the Course Information and Course Specific Settings sections at a later time, select Course Summary, follow by Course Information, and then Edit.