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6.3.24 Custom Reports


Custom Report Template

Figure 6.30: Custom Report Template

Creating the Custom Report Template

Figure 6.31: Creating the Custom Report Template

Scheduling a Custom Report

Figure 6.32: Scheduling a Custom Report
Small illustration of this paragraph in left-hand margin. ALEKS administrators and instructors can create custom reports for their district, school, and classes with the Custom Reports feature. This feature has many options to suit advanced reporting needs across classes and instructors. Administrators and instructors can select data from existing ALEKS reports and export the combined data into a single customized Excel report. Additionally, reports can be scheduled ahead of time. Reports can be generated at multiple levels (e.g., district, school, instructor, class, and multi-class) based on the user's ALEKS account type. There are three main steps to creating a custom report: 1) Create Template, 2) Review and Save, and 3) Schedule Report. See below for further instruction.
NOTE. Data for the Custom Reports feature is available beginning from August 1, 2012.
When first accessing the feature, administrators and instructors will see the introductory screen (Fig. 6.30). To begin creating the template, click on Create New Custom Report Template or the + New Report Template on subsequent visits.

STEP 1: Create Template
By first creating a template, administrators and instructors can determine the foundation for their custom report, and then schedule multiple reports to run off the template. Templates can be re-used and duplicated to save time.

The following information must be selected when creating the template:

Basic Information
A name must be entered for the template.

Select Data
The data must be selected from the categories listed on the left of the screen (Fig. 6.31).

STEP 2: Review and Save
In this step, users will confirm and save their custom report parameters.

STEP 3: Schedule Report
Administrators and instructors can run multiple iterations of their template, modifying the date range and student/class/instructor data to focus on.

The following information must be selected when scheduling the report (Fig. 6.32):

Report Name
A name must be entered for the report, and choices made for the Excel format, and duration display.

Scheduling Options
You can choose whether to schedule a recurring report, or a one time report (the default).

Student Options
The options in this section are displayed based on the selected level of the report.
After a report has been scheduled, a confirmation message is displayed. A custom report may take up to 30-60 minutes to process depending on its size, and will be sent to the ALEKS inbox of the person who scheduled it.