ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.9.3 Master Template Basic Settings


Clicking on Create a New Master Template displays the following basic settings:

Master Template Basic Information
  • Select the ALEKS Course Product for the template. The ALEKS Course Product should not be changed after the class has begun, as doing so will be disruptive to the students' learning and to the class reports and records.
  • The Master Template is required to have a name; this name can be the name appearing in your institution's course catalogue or anything else you wish. The Master Template name will be a part of the linked courses' names.
  • Course Dates are used to configure the Course Calendar, and should include the entire period of time that the students will be using ALEKS. All linked courses created with this Master Template will have the same Start and End dates. The option to automatically archive the Master Template is also available in this step.

Course Specific Settings

These are specific settings that apply to this course template, such as providing ALEKS graphing calculator functionality.

Accessibility mode for visually impaired students can be set in the Show Accessibility Options area. The link will appear for any class where accommodations for visually impaired students is availible.
To edit the Master Template Basic Information and Course Specific Settings sections at a later time, select Master Template List, select the desire Master Template, and then select Course Summary, followed by Edit next to the Master Template Information section.
Adminstrators will click Create Master Template Now to generate the template.
On the page that follows, Administrators have the following choices:
  • Continue to Master Template Summary (Sec. 6.9.4) to view setup details; or select
  • Customize This Master Template to set objectives, edit content, or integrate a textbook. For complete details, see Secs. 6.4.4 and 6.4.5.