ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.9.6 Create Assignments in Master Template


Create Assignments in Master Template

Figure 6.75: Create Assignments in Master Template
To create assignments in a Master Template:
  1. In the Master Templates List, click on the name of the template to view the Master Template Summary. Alternatively, you can check the box next to the template and then click Class Summary.
  2. Locate the Assignments section, and click Edit.
At the Create Assignments Introduction page, you will see two options for creating an assignment (Fig. 6.75):

Create a new assignment
This option takes you through the ALEKS assignment creation process (Sec. 6.5.2).

Duplicate an existing assignment
This option allows you to duplicate an existing assignment (Sec. 6.5.1).
Select the assignment type that you wish to create or duplicate: Homework, Quiz, Test, or ALEKS Assessment.
After creating assignments, you will see an Assignment list with the assignments created in the Master Template. You will also have options to modify or add additional assignments on this page. For more complete details about the Assignments List, see Sec. 6.5.1.
NOTE. If administrators want to create External assignments in the Master Template, they can do this from the Gradebook Setup page. Only the assignment name and date can be set at the Master Template level; the students' grades and maximum point values are set at the linked course level.