ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.9.7 Create Linked Courses


Create Linked Courses

Figure 6.76: Create Linked Courses
After you have defined the Master Template settings, content, and created assignments, you can create linked courses and assign instructors to these courses (Fig. 6.76). A linked course contains the same content and settings as the Master Template. Both the administrator and the instructor assigned to the course will receive a message in their ALEKS Message Center containing important information about the linked courses.
To add linked courses:
  1. In the Master Templates List, click on the name of the template to view the Master Template Summary. Alternatively, you can check the box next to the template and then click Class Summary.
  2. Locate the Linked Courses section and click Edit.
On the Create Linked Courses page, enter the name of the Course CRN/Section and assign an instructor to the individual linked course. (The name of the linked course will consist of the name of the template plus the name of the CRN/Section.) There are three options for the "Instructor" field:

Existing ALEKS Instructor
Select this option and then use the drop-down menu to select the name of the Instructor teaching the linked course.

Instructor to be announced (TBA)
Select this option if the name of the instructor is unknown. The linked course can be assigned to an instructor at a later time (Sec. 6.9.8).

Create a new Instructor
Select this option if the instructor does not have an existing ALEKS account. Enter the title, first and last names, and e-mail address of the instructor teaching the linked course. ALEKS will send an email message containing login information to the instructor. If an email address is not provided, the administrator will need to edit the instructor account, change the password, and send it to the instructor at a later time (Sec. 6.2.1).
A maximum of 15 linked courses can be created at a time. To add more linked courses, repeat the steps.
Once saved, you will receive a confirmation and arrive at the Linked Class List page with the linked courses that have been created. You can create another linked course by selecting New Linked Class, edit the linked courses by clicking on the CRN/Section name of each class, or complete the Master Template set-up process by clicking I am done creating linked courses.
NOTE. There is no limit on the number of linked courses you can associate with a Master Template. The interface allows you to link up to 15 at a time: to add more than 15 linked courses, just return to the Master Template Summary page, locate the Linked Classes section, and select Edit. On the Linked Class List page, select New Linked Class.