ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.7.2 Move and Unenroll Student


Move and Unenroll Student

Figure 6.65: Move and Unenroll Student
Selecting a student account and clicking on Student Administration displays Move/Unenroll (Fig. 6.65). This feature allows you to move or unenroll the selected student from the course.

Move Student
To move a student from the current course to another course:
  1. Select Move Student To:.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select a new course.
  3. Click on Confirm to save your action.

Unenroll Student
To unenroll a student from the current course:
  1. Select Unenroll.
  2. click on Confirm to save your action.
To move or unenroll multiple students at once, see Sec. 6.4.32.
NOTE. See Sec. 6.4.27 for more information on what happens to students' records when they are moved to a new class.