ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.3.16 Progress Report for a Single Student


Progress Report for a Single Student

Figure 6.23: Progress Report for a Single Student
This report is obtained by selecting a student and then moving to the the Reports menu. Click on the Progress icon. The Progress Report for a single student in this course displays a list of bar graphs for the single student chosen (Fig. 6.23). There is one row for each knowledge check that the student has taken, with dates (linked to the Report page for that knowledge check). Clicking on the All Results tab will display the student's current and previous course progress results (if applicable). Clicking on an knowledge check date link will take the instructor to the individual student's pie report, displaying the student's progress at that point in time (Sec. 6.3.8).
  • The blue portion of each bar graph measures the student's mastery as of the given knowledge check.
  • The light blue portion of the bar measures progress made in the Learning Mode subsequent to that knowledge check (but before the next knowledge check, if there is one).
  • The percentage values beneath the bars for the blue and light blue portions represent the knowledge check mastery, and subsequent progress in Learning Mode respectively. For example, 57+9% means that the last knowledge check showed 57% mastery, and that subsequent work in the Learning Mode added another 9% mastery for a total of 66%.
  • Information on each knowledge check and total hours spent subsequently in the Learning Mode (up to the time of the next knowledge check) is also provided, with average numbers of items gained per hour.