ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.4.9 Topic Recommendation Tool (TREC)


Topic Recommendation Tool (TREC)

Figure 6.38: Topic Recommendation Tool (TREC)

Tagging Feature

Figure 6.39: Tagging Feature
The ALEKS Topic Recommendation Tool (TREC) provides instructors with a way to add prerequisite topics to their course content that may have been omitted during the creation/editing process (Fig. 6.38).
The TREC tool is only displayed when necessary. For example, if an instructor only changes objective due dates, without changing any actual content, TREC will be skipped.
The TREC Tool displays one or more columns of recommended prerequisite topics, and instructors must select a column before being able to continue. Selecting the Details link will allow you to see how a topic relates to other topics.

Adding Topics to a Course

Clicking on the Options link will display more information about the topic and allow you to add the topic to an existing objective. Adding a prerequisite topic to an objective makes the topic a goal topic in that objective.

Topics may also be added to the course content, that are not added to an objective. These topics when completed will not count toward objective grades, if the gradebook has been enabled for the course.

The Class Content section of the Class Summary page will contain a breakdown of goal topics and prerequisite topics if applicable (Sec. 6.4.16). There will also be a link to edit the prerequisites in the TREC tool on the Class Content section. This breakdown of goal and prerequisite topics will also be included on the Course Syllabus (Sec. 6.4.15).

Currently in Class
After the course content has been edited, a Currently in Class column will appear. These topics are prerequisite topics that are currently in the course content but not part of any particular objective.

These topics are recommended prerequisite topics that support instructional scaffolding and optimal learning. This selection should be used with typical classes that have some students who need additional review.

These prerequisite topics are the minimum number of topics required for students to complete goal topics. This selection should only be used for classes where all the students do NOT need review of prerequisite topics.

No Prerequisites
Instructors can choose not to add any topics. This selection will not retain prerequisite topics; all previously added prerequisite topics will be removed.

New Tagging Feature
On subsequent visits to the TREC tool, topics not previously recommended to the instructor will be identified as new (Fig. 6.39).