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5.3.2 Explanation Page


Explanation Page

Figure 5.5: Explanation Page
The Explanation Page (Fig. 5.5) begins with the title of the current item and an instance of that item. The answer to the problem is given at the end of the explanation.
When ALEKS is used with textbook integration, a reference will appear at the bottom of the Explanation Page showing the chapter and section of the textbook where additional information about the concept may be found (Sec. 6.4.4) . Additional tutorial material and interactive applications may also be found through links at the bottom of the Explanation Page.
Here again, statistical terms are linked to dictionary definitions. The system may suggest looking up certain key terms to help with the explanation (especially if the explanation has already been visited). At the bottom of the page is the Practice button. Clicking on this button produces a new instance of the same problem-type. Sometimes there may also be a button for Additional Explanation or Detailed Explanation. You can also return to the pie chart to choose a different topic by clicking on the MyPie icon.