ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

5.5 Review



Figure 5.7: Review
A student using ALEKS can review topics recently mastered in the Learning Mode or Assessment by using the Review button (Fig. 5.7). Clicking on any of these topics provides the chance for additional practice; this is particularly useful when the student knows that a new assessment (knowledge check) is imminent.
Click here for more review gives a comprehensive list of topics mastered by the student. ALEKS will periodically offer a student the option of reviewing past material at the time of login. The student can select a topic to review from these recently mastered topics. Clicking on the Done button will return the student to the Learning Mode.
In Review, a student can sort course topics either by "Objectives View" or by "ALEKS View." "Objectives View" organizes topics based on the textbook integration or intermediate objectives set up by the instructor. "ALEKS View" organizes topics based on the pie slices.
NOTE. Work done in Review mode does not affect the student's pie chart or progress records.