ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.3 Class Creation and Configuration


Classes are added (created) and edited in ALEKS through the same basic interface. To edit a class, select that class from the list, then click "Edit this Course" in the upper part of the window; the page that follows gives a list of class areas that may be modified (click on "edit" to modify, Fig. 6.33). To create a class, click "Add a Course."
The procedure for creating or editing a class includes the setup of Textbook Integration and content customization (if these are desired). It does not include creating Homework, Quizzes, Tests, or Scheduled Assessments, but these steps may then be completed later.


6.3.1 Basic Information
6.3.2 Textbook Integration, Custom Objectives, and Modules
6.3.3 Select Objectives
6.3.4 Objective Completion
6.3.5 Objective Completion Assessment
6.3.6 Objective Pie View
6.3.7 Using the Custom Objective Tool
6.3.8 Edit Content
6.3.9 Core Readiness Topics in the Content Editor
6.3.10 Edit Course