ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

1. Preface


Welcome to ALEKS, one of the most powerful educational tools available for learning business math.
ALEKS combines advanced learning technology with the flexibility of the Internet, and provides an interactive system with unmatched features and capabilities. ALEKS was developed with support from the National Science Foundation. It is based on a field of Mathematical Cognitive Science called Knowledge Spaces, which models human knowledge for precise assessment and efficient learning in interactive computer programs.
Based on your assessment results, ALEKS will understand what you know, what you don't know, and most importantly, what you are ready to learn. ALEKS provides individualized, one-on-one instruction that fits your exact knowledge state and helps you select the ideal topics to work on next. That way you will learn concepts in the order that's best for you. As you learn, ALEKS constantly challenges you and supplies extensive feedback on what you have accomplished.
Since ALEKS is available on the Internet, it fits any busy schedule. To get started immediately, you may refer to the Quick Start Instructions below. More detail is provided in the subsequent sections.
Also, your instructor can help you register and begin using ALEKS. ALEKS includes online instructions and feedback and is designed for use without help from a manual. If you need additional information, refer to this booklet or contact ALEKS Customer Support.
NOTE. Two or more students cannot use the same ALEKS account. ALEKS will regard them as a single person and give incorrect guidance.