ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

3. Registration and Installation


In order to register as an ALEKS user, you need a Student Access Code (20 characters), which may be purchased through your campus bookstore, online as part of the ALEKS registration process, or in some other way. If this booklet was purchased through the bookstore, the Student Access Code may be inside its back cover. You also need a Course Code (10 characters) provided by your instructor. When you register with ALEKS, your name is entered into the database, and records of your progress are kept.
  1. Go to the ALEKS website:

    When entering this URL, pay careful attention to the spelling of aleks.

    The ALEKS Website

    Figure 1: The ALEKS Website
  2. Click on SIGN UP NOW! on the left of the page, under the space for Registered Users (Fig. 1).

    Course Code

    Figure 2: Course Code
  3. At the beginning of Registration you will be asked for your Course Code. The Course Code is supplied by your instructor. Enter this in the spaces provided, on the left-hand side of the window, and click on Continue (Fig. 2).
  4. Next, ALEKS will check whether you have ever used ALEKS before. Check the appropriate response and click on Continue. If you have used ALEKS before, you will be prompted to enter in your ALEKS login name and password before moving on.
  5. Access Code

    Figure 3: Access Code
    To continue your registration you will be asked for your Student Access Code. It may be packaged with the textbook, or can be purchased directly from ALEKS Corporation by using the link on this page (purchase an access code online). Enter the Student Access Code in the spaces provided and click on Continue (Fig. 3).
  6. Enter your personal information and choose a Password. Supplying this information enables your site administrator to help you with problems more quickly. You will also be able to enter your Student ID number.
  7. At the end of registration you will be given a Login Name. You will need the ALEKS Login Name and your Password to return to ALEKS (Sec. 6.5).

    Your Login Name and Password can be typed with upper- or lower-case letters. Neither may contain spaces or punctuation. If you forget your Password, click on the link Forgot your login info? located underneath the Password field on the ALEKS home page.
  8. When you enter your Login Name and Password on the ALEKS home page, ALEKS will check to see if your ALEKS course requires the ALEKS plug-in. If your course requires the plugin and your computer does not have it installed, one will be installed. Do not interrupt this process until a message appears saying that the installation is complete. Then you will need to quit your web browser (Exit, Close, or Quit under the File menu), open your web browser again, and go back to the ALEKS website (use your Bookmark/Favorite).