ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

11.2 Class Management


Different options are available, depending on whether a class is ACTIVE, ON-HOLD, or INACTIVE:

ACTIVE Class Options

The following options are available for ACTIVE classes:

Switch to a new class. You can switch to a new class by entering a new class code. When you do this, the new class will become active and the previously active class may appear under INACTIVE. (No records will be kept if you switch within the first 15 days after beginning the previous class; this period depends on the instructor's configuration of the class and may vary.) If the new class uses the same course product as the one you were in previously, your progress will be carried over; otherwise, a new Initial Knowledge Check will be required.

To begin a new class with a new access code, leaving the current class active, use + NEW CLASS (above, Sec. 11.1).

Suspend Access to this Class. This option will only appear when your subscription meets the eligibility requirements for suspension (Sec. 11.3). Once suspended, an account appears in the ON-HOLD section.

Extend Access to this Class. You can extend access to your class by selecting the Extend option and entering a new 20-character access code. You will be able to purchase the access code on line if needed.

ON-HOLD Class Options

The following option is available for ON-HOLD classes:

Reactivate Accounts. You can click on the Reactivate button when you are ready to reactivate a class that was suspended or placed on Leave of Absence (Sec. 11.3 and Sec. 11.4).

INACTIVE Class Options

The following options are available for INACTIVE classes:

Download Progress (PDF). Clicking on this link will give you access to a PDF report displaying the pie chart and learning history progress achieved in the inactive class.

Renew access to this class. This option allows you to renew access to an account by entering a new 20-character access code. The access code can be purchased on line if needed. The course will then appear under ACTIVE. Delete from my account. Inactive class accounts may be deleted; they will then no longer be displayed in the Student Account Home.