ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

11.4 Leave of Absence


In contrast to the Suspend feature, the Leave of Absence feature applies only to 2-semester (40 week), 3-quarter (also 40 weeks), and 52-week access codes; it takes effect automatically after a certain number of weeks have passed since the account was activated.

First Notification
20 weeks after the access code was used to activate the account, you will receive a one-week warning. The leave will begin automatically 21 weeks after the account was activated.

Second Notification
When you log in after the 21st week, you will see another message informing you that the account is on hold and giving the date on which the account will automatically resume if it is not manually reactivated.
If you choose to resume using the account prior to the automatic reactivation date (above, "Reactivate Accounts," Sec. 11.2), you will be given access for the time remaining on the access code.