ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

5.2 ALEKS Pie and Details



Figure 7: ALEKS Pie
The ALEKS Pie view is an alternate Home page. You can switch back and forth between the Pie view and the Timeline; whichever you looked at last will appear as your Home page on your next login.
The ALEKS Pie allows you to see your overall progress toward completion of the class. Slices represent topic categories. Mastered, learned, and remaining topics are shown in different colors within each slice. Each pie slice is color-coded to match the list next to the ALEKS Pie. The darker color in the slice represents topics mastered, the lighter color represents topics learned, and the outer space without color represents the topics remaining to be learned and mastered (Fig. 7).
You can view your progress in real time by selecting a pie slice. The area to the right is a legend that displays the slice name and the number of topics mastered, learned, and remaining in each category for the slice selected.

The number of topics you have demonstrated mastery of in a Knowledge Check.

The number of topics that you have practiced successfully in Learning Mode but have not yet confirmed through a Knowledge Check.

The number of topics you have left to learn.
The number in the middle of the ALEKS Pie is a counter that represents the total number of topics you have mastered or learned.
You can also click on the ALEKS Pie Detail button to see your class progress broken down by the topics that you are ready to learn, have learned, and have mastered in each slice. Category headings can be expanded to view progress and sample problems. The drop-down menu at the top of the report displays progress in Knowledge Checks. You can use this drop-down to track how they have performed across all Knowledge Checks in their class.