ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

5.1 ALEKS Timeline


ALEKS Timeline

Figure 5: ALEKS Timeline
The ALEKS Timeline is a visual tool that graphs your progress and growth over time. It helps you understand how to achieve learning goals and reach milestones. You can use the timeline to view what you worked on in the past, what's ahead, and when topics are due next so you can plan your class accordingly. As you learn or lose topics, the timeline is updated with real-time information.
Some key points about the timeline:
  • The timeline is intended to show information at a macro level. You can select points on the graph to access information. For example, the blue goal topic marker is a projection to show what you are working towards next.
  • The orange marker displays your progress today, and the number of topics you have left to reach the next goal on the timeline. It also shows what was completed on that day.
  • The area below the timeline contains assignments created by the instructor, showing when the assignments start and end. You can select the assignment name to view detailed information. When there are multiple assignments available, they are stacked and prioritized by due dates.
You can select the Timeline Detail button to see a more detailed full-screen view and a longer time range than what is displayed on the Home page. You can filter the timeline by day, week, or month.

Timeline Icons

Figure 6: Timeline Icons
For a key to the icons that may appear on the timeline, see Fig. 6.