ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.4 Classes with Objectives


Objectives are sections of the material in your class, similar to chapters in a textbook or units or modules in a lecture course. If your ALEKS class uses Objectives, they will be in a definite order and you will need to work through them in that order. They may have individual due dates, or there may be one due date for all the Objectives; the following paragraphs explain how the Objectives work on both cases. Note that when the next Objective begins, you will be notified by tool tips appearing on the Home page and in the Topic Carousel.

Objectives with Due Dates
In Learning Mode, the Topic Carousel will display Ready to Learn topics in the current Objective. If you complete the current Objective before the scheduled due date, you will move into Open Pie Mode, which unlocks all Ready to Learn topics until the start of the next Objective. During this time, you can return to previous Objectives and work on topics you did not learn or may have lost during a Knowledge Check. For example, if you missed an Objective, did not complete all topics in an Objective by the due date, or lost topics from previous Objectives in a Knowledge Check, you can go back to the previous Objectives and learn or re-learn those topics. After you learn all topics in a given Objective, the Topic Carousel will be empty. You can select another Objective to work on from the Objectives drop-down menu, or use the review filter to practice previously learned and mastered topics in the selected Objective.

Objectives with One Final Due Date
In Learning Mode, the Topic Carousel will display Ready to Learn topics in the current Objective. The Objectives drop-down menu conveniently displays the breakdown for the number of topics that must be learned to complete the current Objective. Future Objectives are locked. Completing the current Objective at the level specified by your instructor (e.g., 90%) will unlock the next Objective.