ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

5. Home


The first time you enter your ALEKS Home page you will be guided through an introduction giving a brief description of how ALEKS works. There are also pop-ups and animations that appear when you are seeing something in ALEKS for the first time, to ensure that you understand the interface and know how to use it.
The Home page includes some important information such as the name of the ALEKS class, progress bar, notifications, Main Navigation Menu (Sec. 5.4), account Settings (Sec. 5.5), Primary Guidance Menu (Sec. 5.3), and next Knowledge Check indicator.
The Home page shows the Timeline by default (Sec. 5.1), but you can switch to the ALEKS Pie view (Sec. 5.2) to see your progress within each slice. The view last selected will appear as your Home Page the next time you log in.
At any point in ALEKS, you can click on the Home symbol or ALEKS icon in the upper left corner to return to the Home page.


5.1 ALEKS Timeline
5.2 ALEKS Pie and Details
5.3 Primary Guidance Menu
5.4 Main Navigation Menu
5.5 Settings