ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.1 Learning Page/Problem Page/Explanation Page


Learning Page

Figure 9: Learning Page
The following pages are available in Learning Mode:

Learning Page
The ALEKS Learning Page provides a sample problem for the current topic, with detailed explanation and answer (Fig. 9). After reviewing the Learning Page, select the Start button to move to the first problem.

Problem Page
The ALEKS Problem Page displays a problem for the current topic. Enter your answer in the space provided and then select the Check button at the bottom of the screen. If your answer is correct, ALEKS will display the message Correct on the screen. If your answer is incorrect, you will be given the opportunity to correct the answer and then select the re-check button.

Explain Page
If you are not sure how to answer a problem, you can click on the Explanation button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the Explanation page showing detailed information about how to solve the problem. For some topics an Additional Explanation link will be available showing another method of solving the problem.

Resources on the right hand side of the Problem Pages and Explain Pages are provided to help you solve the problem. These may include tools such as a calculator, an eBook link, the ALEKS dictionary, and the Message Center.