ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.3 Topic Carousel


Topic Carousel

Figure 10: Topic Carousel

Topic Icons

Figure 11: Topic Icons

Objectives/Ready to Learn Drop-Down Menu

Figure 12: Objectives/Ready to Learn Drop-Down Menu
In Learning Mode you can access the Topic Carousel by selecting the downward arrow tab in the upper left corner of your screen (Fig. 10). The Carousel lists topics that you are currently ready to learn, sorted by degree of difficulty or complexity, with the most accessible first. Each topic has its own card containing the slice name, the topic name, and attributes (if any) indicated by icons (Fig. 11). The Topic Carousel shows three cards at a time and is scrolled using the scroll bar or the back/forward arrows.


You can filter topics by selecting Filters in the upper right corner of the screen (Fig. 10). The Filters feature lets you search for topics by name and type.

Switching Topics
You can switch topics at any time by selecting a new topic card in the Topic Carousel. When you select a card, a sample problem is previewed in the bottom half of the window. Switching topics mid-way through a topic will not cause you to lose work; when you return to the topic, ALEKS will resume where you left off.

Objectives/Ready to Learn Drop-Down Menu
The drop-down menu above the Topic Carousel allows you to see progress in Objectives (if used in the class) or Ready to Learn pie slices. To see this drop-down menu, select the Ready to Learn/Objectives drop-down menu in the upper left (Fig. 12).

You can review previously-learned topics by choosing Review (rather than Ready to Learn) in the filter. Note that you will also be prompted to review when you receive the notification for a new Knowledge Check (Sec. 4.3).