ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

11.2 Class Management


Different options are available, depending on whether a class is ACTIVE, INACTIVE, or Pending Instructor Authorization:

ACTIVE Class Options

The following options are available for ACTIVE classes:

Switch class. You can switch to a new class by entering a new class code. When you do this, the new class will become active and the previously active class will normally appear under INACTIVE (depending on the instructor's configuration of the class). If the new class uses the same course product or a closely related course product to the one you were in previously, your progress will be carried over; otherwise, a new Initial Knowledge Check will be required.

To begin a new class with a new subscription, leaving the current class active, use + NEW CLASS (above, Sec. 11.1).

INACTIVE Class Options

The following options are available for INACTIVE classes:

Summary Report. Clicking on this link will give you access to a PDF report displaying the pie chart and learning history progress achieved in the inactive class.

Continue this class on your own. You can continue your work in an inactive class as an independent user by clicking on the Activate link and following the prompts for purchase and registration. This option should only be used if you wish to use ALEKS independently; it will not allow you to continue within the regular school class you were previously enrolled in.

Pending Instructor Authorization

The following option is available for classes where you are waiting for your instructor to authorize your enrollment:

Switch class. If your instructor had you register your ALEKS account through the ALEKS website, using a class code, you may see your account pending authorization the first time you log in. If you mistakenly enrolled into the wrong class, you can switch into the correct class using the Switch class link and the class code of the class you need to move into.