ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

3. Logging on to Your Account


In order to register as an ALEKS user, you must purchase a monthly subscription to ALEKS. When you register with ALEKS, your name is entered into the database and records of your progress are kept. If the ALEKS plug-in has not been installed on the computer being used for registration, it will be installed automatically as part of this procedure.
Here are concise instructions for accessing your ALEKS account.
  1. You always log on from the ALEKS website:

    If you are typing this URL by hand, pay careful attention to the spelling aleks. For your convenience, add a Bookmark or Favorite at this location.
  2. On the login page, enter your Login Name and Password provided at the time of registration. Be sure to type these correctly, without any spaces or punctuation.

    Your Login Name and Password can be typed with upper- or lower-case letters. Neither may contain spaces or punctuation. If you forget your Login Name or Password, use the link on the ALEKS home page marked Did you forget your password? If you entered an email address at registration time and you remember your Login Name, your Password will be sent to you by email. Otherwise, contact ALEKS Corporation Customer Support at It is a good idea to change your Password to one you will remember easily but is difficult for others to guess (Sec. 5.5).
  3. If you enter your Login Name and Password correctly, your browser will begin accessing the plug-in to start ALEKS. This takes a few seconds. You will then come to the place you left off in your previous ALEKS session, or begin using ALEKS as a first-time user.

    NOTE. If you do not have a current plug-in, one will be installed. Do not interrupt this process until a message appears saying that the installation is complete. Then you will need to quit your web browser (Exit, Close, or Quit under the File menu), open your web browser again, and go back to the ALEKS website (use your Bookmark/Favorite).