ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

QuickTables (stand-alone) System Requirements

The system requirements for ALEKS QuickTables (stand-alone) are:

  PC Macintosh iPad Android Tablet1 Chromebook

Operating System

Windows MacOS 10.3+ iOS 4.3+ Android 3.2+ ChromeOS


any any any any any

RAM Memory

64+ MB 64+ MB any any any


Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 3+, Chrome 4+

Safari 3+, Firefox 3+

Safari Default WebKit browser Chrome

Screen Resolution

800x600 800x600 any 1024x600 any

1. Android based devices have wide ranges of performance and form factors. At this time, we have only tested ALEKS on the Samsung Galaxy tablets. 

No Java or ALEKS plug-in necessary.