ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

System Requirements

ALEKS runs on many devices with various operating system and web browser configurations. Use the tabs below to identify the system requirements for specific ALEKS course products.

K-12 Higher Ed. Math Higher Ed. Business Higher Ed. Science Higher Ed. Behavioral
Desktop and Tablet Compatibility
All K-12 courses
System Requirements
  Windows(1) Macintosh  Chromebook  iPad  Android Tablet(2)
Operating System 7+ OS X 10.9+ Chrome OS iOS 9+ Android 4.4+
Screen Resolution 1024x768 + 1024x768 + Any Any 8.9"
Browsers(3) Chrome 30+
Explorer 11+
Firefox 25+
Edge 40+
Chrome 30+
Safari 9+
Firefox 25+
Chrome 30+ Safari Chrome 30+

(1) Windows based Microsoft Surface tablets require the use of an external keyboard and mouse (e.g., touch cover keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard/mouse or USB keyboard/mouse).
(2) At this time only Samsung Galaxy tablets have been tested.
(3) ALEKS multimedia requires that Flash is enabled in updated Chrome browsers.


For Respondus Lockdown Browser with ALEKS system requirements, please click here.